Extinction Rebellion – Entering Year Two (One Man’s Opinion On A Global Movement).

As people who read this blog on a halfway regular basis will have noted, my photo work on the Extinction Rebellion protests have been a fixture. At time of writing I’ve covered seven of their protests (or affiliated protests) in five cities, and all things being equal that’s going to continue into 2020. This then … Continue reading Extinction Rebellion – Entering Year Two (One Man’s Opinion On A Global Movement).

As One Door Closes – Moving On Up In Postgrad Education.

The images, opinions and occasional ravings of an MA Fine Art Student Arts PHD Candidate. Keen readers of this little book of diatribes, may have noticed a change to the tagline (those who haven’t, please see above). The reason for that is fairly self explanatory, all the same it might be time for a bit … Continue reading As One Door Closes – Moving On Up In Postgrad Education.

In London With Extinction Rebellion (Again).

Introduction Keen followers of this blog will know that back in April I stumbled across the Extinction Rebellion protests while in London on unrelated business. I spent four days there. I photographed, I talked to people, and then when I got home I wrote a blog post about it. And I thought that would be … Continue reading In London With Extinction Rebellion (Again).

Hometown Protests – Global Climate Protests In Small Towns

So many times, when I’m writing up my experiences of following the Extinction Rebellion and its allied climate protests, the writing begins as a travelogue. Like my photography it’s a reason to travel, go new places, see new things.  This, is not one of those times. It was a local outbreak of a global protest, … Continue reading Hometown Protests – Global Climate Protests In Small Towns

Places and Times -Why your artwork probably won’t be succesful.

Everyone has their favourite saying about what it takes to be a successful artist. They talk about work, grit, determination, talent, self-promotion, persistence and a host of other things. What only some of them will admit is that a massive amount of success is down to an intangible factor. Call it fate, ju-ju, something written … Continue reading Places and Times -Why your artwork probably won’t be succesful.

Prorogation and Protest

Aberystwyth, Wales - 31/8/2019 Protests and photographing them have become a part of my life in recent months. I think I’d seen or attended a grand total of three (two of them as a random passer by) before April this year. Today I photographed my sixth since this spring.  The difference with this one, is … Continue reading Prorogation and Protest

Misadventures In Medium Format

The next phase of plan MA comes to fruition.  Some things lead naturally to others, and the combination of portraiture and film photography that’s been my labour since last October has lead me toward the corner of the photographic world that we call medium format.  “What’s medium format?” Query the uninitiated (actually they’re mostly changing … Continue reading Misadventures In Medium Format

Extinction Rebellion – Cardiff, July ’19

If anyone reading has turned on the news just lately, then may be aware of the XR Action that broke out in five of the UK’s major cities (London, Bristol, Leeds, Cardiff, Glasgow) on July 15th.  I was, which is why first thing Monday I was on the bus down to Cardiff. Since I stumbled … Continue reading Extinction Rebellion – Cardiff, July ’19

Extinction Rebellion Birmingham – 13/7/2019

Well I’ve shot pictures of XR London back in April. I was in Bristol with XR52 in June. Saw a little protest in my own hometown clinging to the West coast of Wales. Now, there’s a new city getting a protest, and a new place for me to take my cameras.  Which is why, at … Continue reading Extinction Rebellion Birmingham – 13/7/2019

Day At The Races

Most of my posts just lately have been about photography and the Extinction Rebellion. It probably says something about the schizophrenic nature of my hobby that this week I’m shooting a topic that’s about as far from that as you can get.  Tonfannau circuit is in the middle of nowhere, on the southern borders of … Continue reading Day At The Races