In September 2018 I started an MA course in Fine Art. In September 2019 I became an MA in fine Art, and a PHD Student. And in September 2020 I took a temporary withdrawal from the PHD to start lecturing. Before that, it’s all a bit of a blur.

At some point in the time running up to that I published my first novel, The Dust Of Exodus. It’s science fiction, with religion thrown in. Picture Fiddler On The Roof. Only, you know, in space.

Before that I published a photo-book, Stills From The World’s Largest Film Set. That was a photo journal of a year I spent living in New York. A lot of it’s my first photographic love – street photography. I was there because I was interning at a theatre in Hell’s Kitchen, which brings us to another part of my life.

So I do theatre. I’ve acted, written, produced, built sets, created props, called shows, operated follow spots. The list goes on. I acted at the Edinburgh Fringe back in 2013, and half a dozen plays I’ve written have been produced to date.

At some point along the way, the two strands got combined. Nowadays I do a lot of theatrical photography – publicity images, headshots, performance images. Stuff like that. Recently I’ve moved over into sports photography. I spent a lot of 2019 photographing Extinction Rebellion Protests, and in 2020 I self published my second novella Receiver Of Wreck. And slightly later in 2020, my third novel Under The Empty Skies – one of the few redeeming characteristics of a summer spent in lockdown, is that you get plenty of time to write.

There’s another novel coming soon. Stay tuned for more photography.