Extinction Rebellion Birmingham – 13/7/2019

Well I’ve shot pictures of XR London back in April. I was in Bristol with XR52 in June. Saw a little protest in my own hometown clinging to the West coast of Wales. Now, there’s a new city getting a protest, and a new place for me to take my cameras.  Which is why, at … Continue reading Extinction Rebellion Birmingham – 13/7/2019

Street Photography Is The Poor Man’s Psychotherapy.

I’ve written about street photography before - about my photographic first love, the times we’ve had together and the stars and city lights under which I’ve carried it on.  The charm of it is simple. While you might go to a football match to take sports pictures, or to a a studio to take portraits, … Continue reading Street Photography Is The Poor Man’s Psychotherapy.

Arts, Ethics and the Unfortunate.

This little essay is something I wrote back in December 2018, right after the events described. I didn't have anywhere to publish it back then - writing it was just a way of working it all out. Given as I'm here to talk about my artistic practice, this blog seems like the right place.  … Continue reading Arts, Ethics and the Unfortunate.