Blue ocean, black and white film : When photography becomes incidental.

I’ve written a great deal about photography as an art form, and about its place when everyone carries a camera. A few years back I presented a conference paper, in which I argued that there’s always a role for the dedicated photographer. My argument was that the best image comes from the engaged observer – … Continue reading Blue ocean, black and white film : When photography becomes incidental.

Day At The Races

Most of my posts just lately have been about photography and the Extinction Rebellion. It probably says something about the schizophrenic nature of my hobby that this week I’m shooting a topic that’s about as far from that as you can get.  Tonfannau circuit is in the middle of nowhere, on the southern borders of … Continue reading Day At The Races

Bittersweet Art – Closing Out A Photo Project.

If you’ve read some of my more recent posts, you’ll have read about my sports photography. Well, this Sunday I took my last sport shots for the foreseeable future. Since October of last year, on a more or less weekly basis, I’ve headed down the hill from the University’s main campus and through the gates … Continue reading Bittersweet Art – Closing Out A Photo Project.

Sports Photography As Meditation

I never thought I’d be photographing sports as part of a fine art MA. That’s not because of the sports, it’s because I never thought I’d be doing a fine art MA. Some of the first pictures I ever took were sports photos. When I was dragged out of bed to stand on touchlines while … Continue reading Sports Photography As Meditation

The Artist And The Athlete

Early on in my MA, one of my tutors touched on the idea of the development of skills. Practice. Repetition to achieve perfection. In the same breath, he said that this wasn’t the same as athletic training, because an athlete’s only skill is to continue repeating the same thing. I call Bullshit. As covered elsewhere, … Continue reading The Artist And The Athlete