Sports Photography As Meditation

I never thought I’d be photographing sports as part of a fine art MA. That’s not because of the sports, it’s because I never thought I’d be doing a fine art MA. Some of the first pictures I ever took were sports photos. When I was dragged out of bed to stand on touchlines while … Continue reading Sports Photography As Meditation

If I’m An Artist, Does That Make This Art?

When, some months ago, I announced that I’d enrolled on a Fine Arts MA, a lot of my friends and colleagues asked why. Not so much why the MA, but why Fine Art in particular? A fair enough question for a man whose background was in English literature, writing, acting and taking the occasional photograph. … Continue reading If I’m An Artist, Does That Make This Art?

Triumphant Return To Film

So, after a long break, I’ve gotten back to taking pictures on film. It’s been a while – about twelve years if memory serves. Unfortunately it also led me to a slight confession, namely that I’d never actually developed any of this “film” stuff. That’s an embarrassing admission for an MA student studying photography, and … Continue reading Triumphant Return To Film